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Emergency Sevices

Emergency Roof Leaks and Damage

Based on the type of roof leak or roof damage you are experiencing, you might be able to determine if you need to call a roofer straight away. The following issues might indicate an urgent roof leak:

Animals and pests:   Minor insect, bird, or mammal infestations on roofs might not require immediate response. It can be an emergency, especially if a storm is approaching, if the infestation has left holes in your roof or has severely damaged the shingles and other roof layers. Then it may be an emergency, particularly if a storm is on its way.

Roof neglect:  Roofs that are not regularly maintained and examined, such as at valleys and flashing, are more likely to experience significant leaks.

Damage from fire:   Asphalt shingle roofs are graded for fire resistance and created such that they can not easily catch fire or feed it. However, exposure to flames and high heat can still harm them. After a fire, you'll probably need to make a lot of emergency repairs to different areas of your house. You could also need to make an emergency repair to your roof to replace any exposed shingles, underlayment, decking, or roof trusses.

Tree damage:  Fallen trees can be a significant risk to roofs and their structural integrity.


High windsExtreme winds can rip layers off your roof, leaving the underlayment, decking or even attic space exposed to the elements.

Lightning strikes:  Lightning strikes to roofs can cause significant damage to roof structures, leaving your home vulnerable to further storm activity and water intrusion.

Ice dams:  Significant ice dams can result in emergency situations by causing damage and leaks.

Mold:  An issue might arise if your attic has development of mold. If inadequate roof ventilation led to moisture and mold growth, a roofer can provide the required ventilation to assist resolve this problem.

Seriously clogged gutters: A gutter clog may be an emergency if it causes a serious leak from water backflowing onto the roof.

We provide residential roofing solutions that are expert and reasonably priced for your property. We are fully qualified, insured, and licensed to handle any roofing project you may have. A residential roofing system that has been expertly built and is warrantied can help you protect your house.

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