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Roof replacement
When damaged heavily, the roof may be beyond repair or restoration; it is time to replace the roof. Roof replacement is expensive, but it extends the roof's life expectancy.

A total or partial roof replacement is carefully planned. Safety measures are followed to the tee to protect building contents and roofers. Roof replacements require more materials, labor, and time to finish.

The standard process of roof replacement includes:

Removal of the old roof, shingles, and underlayment.
Assurance of flashing and other penetrations.
Replacing the membrane and insulation.
Installation of underlayment and new roof material.


Re-roofing is the process of layering new shingles on top of already existing ones and can only be done once, meaning this is not an option for homes with more than one layer of roofing. Re-roofing is a great option if overall your roof is in good shape and does have any missing or soggy shingles or major water damage. Re-roofing is best when done on your entire roof, it is not advisable to re-roof only a small portion of your roof. If you discover sagging or rotting beneath your shingles, re-roofing is not an option and you will have to move on to a replacement. 

Flat Roof

“flat” to describe roof type since all roofs should have some slope in order to drain water off or direct water to a scupper for drainage.  The term “low-slope” is often used. Defines a low-slope roof to have no greater a slope than 25 percent, or 3 inches of vertical rise for every 12 inches horizontal. The most popular roofing material these days is asphalt shingles. These shingles are great for shedding water, but only one way, and that is down a slope.

We provide residential roofing solutions that are expert and reasonably priced for your property. We are fully qualified, insured, and licensed to handle any roofing project you may have. A residential roofing system that has been expertly built and is warrantied can help you protect your house.


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